Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cupcakes with Famous Pierre Herme Isaphan Confiture

Chanced upon this recipe and the visual is good, so tempting to bake them. But cos I didn't have much time cos busy preparing for the BBQ, I decided to have a try with Pierre Herme Isaphan Confiture. It reminds me of Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream.

Dear Angeline was so nice to edit her post when I asked her about the method of baking them. Thanks a lot for the kind gesture. 

I bring it as desserts for the BBQ, raves good feedback. Moist and nice fragrance from the Confiture and goes very well with the simple cupcakes.

Simple Cupcake with Ispahan Confiture (modified from Angeline's Side of Story)
250g Butter
140g Sugar *reduce to 110g*
250g Self-Raising Flour
1tsp Baking Powder
4 Eggs
60ml Milk

1) Cream butter and sugar til light
2) Add eggs 1 by 1. Fold in flour and milk in 2 batches with mixer.
3) Scoop 2Tbsp of batter into cupcake cases, add 1 tsp of Confiture, top with 1Tbsp of batter.
Use skewer to swirl a little.
4) Bake at 200deg for 15-20mins


angeline ong said...

You are most welcome.

BTW, what is "Pierre Herme Isaphan Confiture" ?

Kind of liquid name... sorry eh!

Priscilla said...

Hi Angeline

Sorry for late reply. I am using the 'jam' from Pierre Herme which I just bought back frm my Paris trip recently.