Friday, May 17, 2013

My trip to the romantic city - Paris

My trip ended so fast in the blinking of eyes. 5D4N at Paris is an eye-opener for me. Though I did had 1-2 meals of 'their' kind of food, I was looking for Jap/Thai/Chinese food most of the times to fill my stomach. 

The weather is slightly cold, though supposed to be summer. According to 1 taxi driver, he told us that in the olden days, the elders will be able to predict the type of summer to expect in June depending on the weather in May. Like if May is hot and warm, summer will be very hot and warm. If its is nice and cooling, then it will be nice and cooling for summer. Amazing huh? But now they don't really trust that myth, cos the weather has been so unpredictable. The winter that ended so late this year. 

This trip, I tried both the Macarons from the famous Pierre Hermes and Laduree. I fell in love with Pierre Hermes Salted Butter Caramel and Laduree Vanilla. Both are so yummy and not overwhelming sweet. Hubby prefer the shells from Pierre Hermes as it is soft and kinda hollow on the inside. Laduree is slightly hollow and chewy. Both have a different texture. But it's worth to try both if you are there. Somehow it still taste better than those I hand carry back as gifts. =) (But the staff did mention stay fresh for 4 days in fridge)

For my stay there, I went to visit the Louvre museum to see the famous Mona Lisa portrait. It is overwhelming with the crowds, all trying to take a pic with the portrait. I couldn't even stand near. For 11euros per pax, u can visit the museum for whole day. 

I went to 1 of the bridge there - Pont des Arts, it is so called that you can 'seal' your love for committed relationship with a padlock on the bridge and throw the keys into the water. And for those who didn't ended up together, will actually return to the bridge to 'cut' away the padlock to unlock the 'seal'!! And there is another bridge - Pont de l'Archeveche which also seal your love with padlocks but it is only for lovers.  You can google for more info if you are keen to visit the bridge when you going Paris. 

Another recommendation is La Vallee Village outlet malls. It is similar to JPO in Johor in terms of the layout. The affordable ones are Long Champ and Coach, Ralph Lauren polo are cheap too. But you won't be able to find the big brands - Prada, Gucci, Chanel or Louis Vuitton here. At the end of the village, you will chance upon a mall, it is so huge. Love the H&M there as the varieties is so big, from infant up to adult. Some of the little dresses are from 4.95euros onwards. U can find shuttle from Paris - Cityrama/Cityvision office. It cost 22euros for a return trip. Google for more info. 

Below are some of the other pics that I took in Paris. =)

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