Sunday, May 5, 2013

Excitement and Nervous at the same time =)

Dear Friends, and to those who follow my blog, I am taking 'leave' for this week as I will be busy preparing for my upcoming trip to Paris. Yes, Paris. Oh my, I am so so excited. And really Thank God for this special gift and letting us win the top prize with free air tix and accommodation. 

Thanks to my dear mummy too. She never fail to help me out whenever I needed some, even though she may nt reach the expectations of mine in terms of taking care of the kids. But nonetheless, without her, this trip is also not possible. And with the sponsorship from the prize, I only took out about a small sum for me and hubby for this trip. (or should I say hubby fork out? Ha~)

Anyway, jus a very short one as mummy can't take such a long period of leave due to GSS coming up, hubby's work arrangement, #1's schooling and blah blah blah. I have to overcome a lot of obstacles before making this trip possible.

Before going on the trip, I need to make sure all the children's needs and emergency back-ups are replenished. Everything is arrange properly, so that we can take a 'break' for a week. Yeah! I am so excited and glad as always told hubby that I regretted not visiting Europe b4 having kids. And this trip to Paris is wonderful. I am so gonna make full use of my 4 full days there, shop and savour all the food that interest me. The weather, gonna be cooling, like air-conditioned environment. Ohhhhhh... Can't wait.

Lastly, please wait for me to come back. I will also do a short write up on my trip, food, shopping and whatever is interesting that I would want to share. Tips and advise etc... 

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