Wednesday, December 11, 2013

IHCC: Chocolate Cookies

Been a while since I submitted any entries for anything. Since Xmas is coming closer, I decided to submit something for IHCC, using Donna Hay's recipe. I decided on her Candy Cane cookies since I was planning to let my gal do some deco for them.

It is quite a simple recipe, and I omit the melted and chopped chocolate as I don't want it  overly chocolatey for the kids. I have 2 upcoming trip for year end so don't want them falling sick again since they took a while to recover from episode of cough and flu.

I gave my gal some sweets and it sort of 'lure' my boy over who also wanna kpo a bit. He helped with putting some hearts sprinkles and licking his fingers as he does. Definitely a treat for him.

The cookie harden as it cool and it is quite soft when it is just out of oven. Advisable to let it cool on tray before removing them. I reduce the sugar slightly and it is not too sweet. The kids definitely enjoyed them..

I am submitting this post to I Heart Cooking Clubs (IHCC).

Chocolate Cookies (adapted, modified from Donna Hay)
110g Butter
150g Brown Sugar
150g Plain Flour (I use 100g plain and replace remaining with bread flour as I ran out of plain flour)
25g Coco powder
1 Egg
1tsp Vanilla Extract

2 mini candy came, crushed
1 mini pkt M&M
3 Caramel Eclairs
Some hearts sprinkles

1) Mix butter and sugar til light. Add in egg and vanilla extract.
2) Fold in flour and mix well.
3) Put spoonful of mixture n flatten slightly. Put on deco as desired.
4) Bake at 180deg for 15-20min. Cool on tray.


sunita rohira said...

Just the thing that kids enjoy. Your children look adorable.

Zosia said...

Those cookies look good with the candy canes but even better with the M&Ms. My family would love them! Glad that you were able to participate in IHCC this week.

Michelle said...

Candy canes in chocolate cookies sounds good. Looks like the little ones had a great time helping.

Priscilla Toh said...

Thanks Ladies,

Yes the kids had fun.. Gonna think of some more fun for them.. It's so fun to see them so excited and can't wait for me to pop into the oven...

Kim said...

Your little kiddos are adorable and you can tell they really enjoyed the cookie making process. I love the idea of candy canes in chocolate cookies. I really love that mint and chocolate combination.

kitchen flavours said...

Hi Priscilla,
Lovely cookies and looks cute with the heart sprinkles!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Peppermint and chocolate is one of my favorite combinations. It looks like the little ones really enjoyed them! ;-)

Kayte said...

Kid tested and approved, how could you go wrong with these on a Christmas tray? Such darling children...very cute seeing them making the cookies.

Margaret said...

These would perfect to make with my Sweet Tea for Santa.

Couscous & Consciousness said...

Chocolate cookies with candy in them seems like a great treat, and how wonderful for your kids to be able to help with making them.