Friday, December 6, 2013

Wholemeal Double Chocolate Chips Loaf

The other day I chanced upon those 'ang-moh' brand of Strong Wholemeal Bread flour. I always wanted to try the difference with mixing Wholemeal flour + Bread flour with those Wholemeal Bread flour. When I saw the pkt of Wholemeal Bread flour is on offer, as expiring end Dec, I know it's a chance to buy n try and see if it's worth to spend tt amount of money to get that instead of buying 2 different flours.

I first tried with using all Wholemeal Bread Flour, the results wasn't satisfying. It is soft but slightly dry. Hubby still finished that loaf. After that I have been exploring different ratio of the Wholemeal Bread Flour to mix with the normal Bread Flour to achieve a soft and not dry loaf. Below is what I modified based on my trial. 

I simply love Dbl-Chocolate Chips bread but it is so chocolatey sinful... At least this loaf is Wholemeal, so the sinful level is lessen. And did I mention, it is organic!!! I specially bake the loaf today to give them to my GFs. Last week I baked 1 plain and chocolate loaf for another GF. According to her, her family likes it and finished the nxt morning. Keeping my fingers crossed, I hope my GFs will enjoy theirs too...

Wholemeal Dbl-Chocolate Chips Bread Loaf (adapted and modified from here)
230ml Milk
300g Bread Flour
50g Wholemeal Bread Flour
20g Coco Powder
40g Sugar
2g Yeast
1tsp Salt
35g Butter

1) Put ingredients according to sequence based on recipe, leaving butter last, salt and sugar at opposite corners, yeast on top of flour.
2) Put to Menu 8: Dough function. Add butter when dough is form.
3) After mixing around 10-15mins, so long dough looks smooth and elastic. Stop machine and choose Menu 1: Basic Loaf, Light Crust. (Reason I choose dough function is to knead my dough longer so it yields a softer bread)
4) Once left 20mins, keep checking. I usually take out about 15-10mins earlier. Enjoy!!!

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