Tuesday, December 10, 2013

小小面包和米奇 (Little breads & Mickey head)

Using back my favourite recipe, I make the little buns and 2 Mickey heads for the little devils at home. This school holiday is keeping me 'lazy'... Arghh... Haven been baking but I promised I gonna make some cookies pop soon... (When I am feeling great with the little ones)

Today I stuff a big choc chip into each bread dough, weighing 10g each before rolling them into little balls. Then decided to make bigger balls with a handful of choc chips as chocolate fillings for the bread and stick 2 10g balls as ears. Bet the kids will grin and shout 'Mickey Mouse' haha~

Today I bake them for 10mins then turn the tray over for another 10mins. Not too crusty top and interior is soft soft. Better end results than the other round when I baked them too long... =)

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