Thursday, January 23, 2014

Colourful Chocolate Conflakes

The other day I had an impromptu 'baking' session with my gal. Decided to finish up the original cornflakes since it isn't moving as fast as KoKo Crunch. Kids nowadays prefer chocolate so no one eats my cornflakes.. Haha.

I didn't exactly follow any recipe as all ingredients was not measured. I just took out a 150g Dark Chocolate compound and melt at 20seconds intervals with my microwave. Stir smooth and pour over, approximately 1 big soup bowl of cornflakes. 

My gal helped with stirring the cornflakes with melted chocolate and we both fill up the little cup cases on 2 trays. I put in oven for 5mins to further melt the chocolate a bit as it has slightly harden. And we quickly put sprinkles on top. Cooled and off it went to the tubs. 

We did 1 big and 1 small tubs with 2 extras for her hardwork reward. It is yummy but I think not enough chocolate cos mine doesn't set hard enough after cooling. But really yummy and good way to use up cornflakes at home..

I am submitting this post to Bake Along event, Chinese New cookies for the month Jan 2014

Colourful Chocolate Cornflakes (based on estimation as I did not follow any recipe)
150g melted Dark Choc
1 Big Bowl of Cornflakes (1/3pk of the cornflakes box)
Some sprinkles 


kitchen flavours said...

A delicious reward for a cute and hardworking helper! I want to be a helper too! :)
Thanks for sharing!

Zoe said...

Hi Priscilla,

Thumb up for your little helper!!! She is working very hard making these great treats! Great effort!!!


lena said...

wow, sounds so simple, thx for sharing this out!