Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Revisit: Pineapple Tarts (updated Jan 26, 14)

Definitely this year has to be this recipe, as I mentioned, hubby prefer this. Haha. And this year I specially cooked my own jam. But I dunno how much sugar added, as I add the sugar as I slow cook the pineapple and tasting them at the same time.

I used 2 pineapple from NTUC, can't rem the brand but it is the common ones that people are buying to make the paste. It's S&W or something like that. Sorry, poor memory... And I jus grate, slow cook and when it is almost dry, I added sugar gradually. I prefer it to be sour sweet so it will not be too sweet after wrapping them up.

After sitting in the fridge for 1wk+, lazy me decided to roll them into balls and bake my pineapple balls. Wonder why the dough is a bit difficult to handle, not sure if it's due to leaving in fridge for more than 10mins and didn't thaw properly or that I replaced Self-raising flour with Plain flour. But overall, I still managed to wrap them. Halve the recipe and baked 40 balls.

I simply love my pineapple balls, I was so worried when I had a hard time wrapping them. Now I wished I had more jam.... =( So tempted to get more pineapple to make the jam for more balls. Hope I can keep myself from finishing them.... Yumm...

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****Updated with more pics of different looks. Criss-cross Pineapple Balls & Free-hand moulded Hearty Pineapple.


kitchen flavours said...

No matter how much pineapple cookie we made, it is never enough! Everyone's favourite!

Zoe said...

Hi Priscilla,

Like you, I always re-visit "the" pineapple tart recipe that we always like. Yours look yummy!


lena said...

hey priscilla, the heartshaped ones look pretty nice! do you know that i hv never attempted making pineapple tarts? i must really do it one day...:)gong xi fa cai to you!