Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Experimenting again... Double Choc and Raisins bread

Simply love the soft texture of the bread when I used it for the Cheese Herbs & Ham Bread and I decided to use it to experiment with chocolate bread. Cos usually BM chocolate bread is slightly drier compared to the same recipe used for plain white loaf. 

Using back this same recipe, I kept everything the same, replacing with chocolate milk and I did not add any coco powder as it will further dry up the bread, esp on the next day.. And today I did the 2nd proof after rolling out on my square tin, dividing them equally into 3 balls.. (Cos I need to bake my plain bread loaf too, grandma doesn't eat chocolate) This entry just serve as a note for me to refer to in future. 

I didn't really get to taste the bread as it is for a fren. But she told me it was yummy. And judging from the softness when I slice the bread, it seems softer than my usual chocolate loaf which I added cocoa powder. Glad she enjoys it.

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