Monday, November 10, 2014

排包 (中种法)

Been long since I really shape bread dough as I always rush for time and use my breadmaker. Then I finally found time to make this 排包 and first attempt trying 中种 method too. 

Initially I always tot it would take a long time to use this method as the normal method aldy took 3hr without shaping. Surprisingly this starter dough didn't require very long to proof 3x of its size. I think approx, 45mins? (Pardon, didn't really time as I was brewing herbal tea and prepping lunch)

I used my Breadmaker to mix as it is smaller to wash after that. After 3x the size, I jus dump all the main dough ingredients in and let the BreadMaker mix them, leaving butter last. (I added the butter approx 10mins after mixing) This time another hour to proof. 

The initial dough deter my confidence a bit as it seems really wet. I used a bit of bread flour as I shaped the dough. It was sticky but manageable. I divided into 11x50g strips. Again for 2nd proof to 2x its size.

Bread is soft and fluffy, but I think can be improve as I cld haf added slightly a bit more flour while shaping n dividing the dough. Bad point was I cld divide into 80g n not packed them too tight.

牛奶排包 (adapted from 爱烘培的简单快乐)
Starter : 140g Bread Flour, 106g Warm Milk, 7g Sugar, 3g Yeast

1) Mix all n leave it to proof 3x. (I took 45mins)

Main : 60g Bread Flour, 48g Sugar, 25g Milk, 30g Egg White, 1g Vanilla, 20g Butter

1) Dump all ingredients onto Starter and mix.(slightly wet so I added 10g bread flour)
2) Leave to proof til doubled. (Approx 1hr)
3) Divide dough into 50g ball, rest 15mins
4) Roll flat and into strips. Leave for proof til 2x
5) Brush with yolk + water, ratio 1:1 and bake at 175deg for 18mins or til top browned nicely.

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