Monday, November 24, 2014

Sweet Milk Bun

I have saw and bookmarked this recipe for about 2 weeks and has been sitting on it since then. Then my FB got flooded with pics of this soft and fluffy buns that I couldn't wait and bake them. 

I use my BM to help me knead and let it do the 1st proof in there. After tt I took out to shaped and proof for an hour before baking them. And I did the signature sprinkling of flour on top of the buns as well..

Oh they are so soft and smell lovely. Pls do give this recipe a try!

Sweet Milk Bun (adapted from My Mind Patch)
150g Milk
20g Condensed Milk
3/4tsp Instant Yeast

225g Bread Flour
25g Cake Flour
40g Sugar
1/2tsp Salt
25g Beaten Egg
30g Butter

1) Let the milk, condensed sit in a warm place. Sprinkle yeast on top of mixture and let it sit for 15mins
2) Mix all the dry ingredients together, add in milk & egg mixture and mix into a dough. Rest for 15mins to let the dough absorb the liquid. 
3) Continue to knead the dough til smooth and add in butter. Knead til elastic and proof for 1hour
4) Punch out air from dough and roll out flat on a baking mat. Cut into 9 pieces evenly and roll like a swissroll. Pinch down the sides and bottom into buns. (I make into 6 buns and remaining 3 pcs into long mini roll)
5) Bake them at 170deg for 30-40mins til top is lightly browned. Cool before storing in airtight container.

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