Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sweet Milk Bread (modified Wholemeal version)

Attempting this recipe again as I really love the fragrance of the buns the previous time I tried it. Wooo.... Really yummy! And for the first time i enjoy eating my own baked bread cos usually it fulfilling the 'itch' to try new recipe as well as for my family. 

I wanna try baking a wholemeal version and reduce sugar slightly as i feel its kinda sweet for me. I replaced 30g of Wholemeal flour & reduce sugar to 30g. 

Baked 2 times into 1 mini loaf, 2 caterpillar, 2 tortoise and 9 buns! Specially fry sardine to eat with the mini loaf. See?!? Even the mini loaf is so soft.. My kids super love this bread and will keep standing beside me to ask when will it be ready whenever i am baking bread.. 

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