Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Milk Toast (中种 method)

This was supposed to be Condensed Milk Toast recipe but as I did not have any condensed milk at home, I substitute all with Full Cream Milk thus the name modified to Milk Toast!

I halve the recipe as I was worried the change of condensed milk to full cream milk will affect bread texture. But luckily it didn't, and with the help of breadmaker, I baked this loaf effortlessly.

Soft and fluffier than yday 排包 in my view. Will use this for bread loaf when I have more time to spend on baking. Pls try this..

I serve it over dinner with Baked Chix, Salmon and Mushroom soup! My boy couldn't stop at 1 slice and had 2!!

Milk Toast (modified slightly from 爱烘培的简单快乐)
Starter: 84g Warm Milk, 140g Bread Flour, 2g Yeast

1) Add milk, followed by flour and yeast on top. Using 'dough' function, mix them and leave to proof for 3x

Main: 20g Egg, 50g Milk, 60g Bread flour, 2g Salt 16g Sugar, 16g Butter

1) Put ingredients as per sequence, except butter. Once come into a dough, add butter.
2) Using Basic Bread Function, let the breadmaker do its job. Enjoy when it's out, cooled and sliced.

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