Thursday, August 24, 2017

Egg Bolo aka 小馒头

Bookmarked for a while, even gotten ingredients way back but went ahead with the other newly added 'To-Bake/Try' list.. hahahah.. 

Wanted something fast and lesser possibility of errors so I dig out my packet of Icing sugar and Potato flour. It took me like 20mins max, frm weighing to mixing and moulding the balls.. I even mould 2 small hearts for the big kids' lunchbox tml. 

This recipe orginate from Umekids. Very simple and easy to make. 1 recipe makes about 35 balls, depending on the size of balls u roll. I have a mix of smaller and bigger balls. I am bad at estimating the amount of dough to take. And I also noted that when baked, it expands slightly..

I use coco powder to make paste for the drawing. Instead of using toothpick, I use a small ziplock and pipe. So much faster. 

Store in airtight for the big kids as lunchbox treats! 

Egg Bolo (Adapt & modified slightly from Umekids)
1 yolk
20g Icing Sugar
70g Potato Flour
1tsp Vanilla Paste

Drawing : 2Tsp Coco powder + water to make into thick paste

1) Add icing sugar to yolk and mix well
2) Add potato flour and mix well then hand knead slightly into a dough
3) Pinch to preferred size and roll into a ball
4) Bake at 170deg for 10-15mins

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