Monday, August 14, 2017

Castella Cheese Cake

Much rave of Castella since b4 I was pregnant but never got the chance to explore it. Maybe to me was just another version of Chiffon cake?

Today I finallt tried the highly raved recipe, recommended by a mama fren from Whisk&Fold. I decided to halve the recipe, since it's my first attempt. And i replaced the top flour with plain flour. Yes, i forgot to add baking powder while I was mixing the meringue and so I was crossing my fingers thru'out the baking. 

I could totally smell the aroma of baking. Gosh, I missed that smell. I think my kids missed it too. And I purposely bring out my Kitchenaid for the job of mixing the meringue! So excited and cant wait for the cake to be done. I wanna see the 'wobble' dance!! 😂😂

End results, not sure if the cake/top flour would have done any difference but using plain flour is already very nice! Soft and fluffy, with the cheese oozing out. Even my 14m also enjoying it! 

Try it! 

Castella Cake (adapted from WhisknFold)
Makes a 8" cake
4 whites
45g Sugar
1/3 tsp Salt

45ml Oil
45ml Plain Flour
45ml Milk
3 Yolks

3 Cheddar slices

1) Heat up oil slightly, remove and stir in flour.
2) Microwave/scald milk 1min and add to flour mixture.
3) Add in yolks and mix well. No lumps.
4) Beat whites and salt. Add sugar gradually. Continue to beat til soft-stiff peaks form.
Meringue shld look glossy and bright.
5) Add 1/3 meringue to flour mixture. Mix well.
6) Pour flour mixture to remaining meringue and mix well.
7) Pour 2/3 batter to lined baking tin, place 3 cheddar then pour remaining batter over.
8) Bake at 150deg for 40-50mins. Skewer shld comes out clean once ready.
9) Cool slightly and serve warm.

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