Saturday, August 19, 2017

Food for babies/toddlers

As I mentioned previously that my third child was admitted for fever and we noted a lower blood count, doctor advised to introduce more meat as he isnt having much of it. And the low blood count could mean lack of iron which can also causes the lower blood count. 

Tried offering BLW (babyledweaning) with high iron food to make it more interesting for him but it doesnt works. So we are back to puree as I realised he like having veg/fruit pouches as a paste/gravy over his rice if we are eating out and there isnt anything suitable for him. 

And since he doesnt like the Beef/Pork bone broth over rice, I guess we have to sneak meat into his meal with purees. I cant get over with food pouches that contains meat so I decided to get some ideas from Mr Google and below are a few attempts.

First, we tried Sweet Potato + Quinoa. It comes up to about a cup of Avent breastmilk storage cup. We boil both the swet potato with a bit of water til soft then puree it. If it's too dry, u can add the water left from boiling or add boiled drinking water bit by bit. And the results, I would say 80% success as I managed to get him to finish almost a cup, on top of some dried fruits and the sweet potato rusk that I shared the other day. 

Then we tried Purple carrot + Quinoa + Brocolli + Apple. He loves it! We boiled carrot, brocoli & quinoa. Apple we jus cut in cubes and blend together. He finished a cup! Good job right!! And yes he had it alongside some of his fav fishies biscuits. 

And then we tried Beef + Quinoa + Brocolli + Apple. Ok, not a fan even tho i offer him his fav biscuits & dried fruits. He had about 1/2 cup of it. Maybe the combination isnt that great. Lets try sneaking beef again. 

And lastly, his most favourite in my opinion. We had Chicken + Carrot + Spinach with Pork/Beef broth. Gosh, I think it comes up to almost 1 cup+ and he finish almost all with minimal biscuits & side treats. I tried and its yummy to me. Best combination of all. 

Above are all high iron food, sweet potato, quinoa, brocolli, spinach, beef. I am sorry I dont have any exact measurement as all based on estimation of how much I wanna prep. But usually ingredients like sweet potato, carrots, apple are 1 whole piece. Quinoa is about a handful. I hope it helps. 

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