Thursday, August 17, 2017

Healthy Sweet Potato Rusk

Recently my thirdborn was admitted and according to doctors, his bloodcount was slightly low. They suspected that it could be due to insufficient intake of meat or iron intake. So i need to give him iron supplements. But the idea of supplements and iron from food versus supplement, definitely from food is easier to absorb n better. So, the journey begins. 

I have been googling a lot, especially when little man dont like meat. So looking into fruits & vegetables or any other form of iron! I chanced upon a few and this is my first. Reason, easy & fast to put together. The big kids can have some too. Upside, I have coconut oil at home too, which is healthy too.. 

In barely 30mins, done and sent to oven. Helper says to stamp some cute patterns. 😂😂😂 Baking for 30mins or til crispy. 

Tastewise, healthy snacks usually taste average. But having big kids asking for 2nd helping shouldnt sound too bad. Lil fussy eater had a strips without objection means ok too. Personally, not my liking and definitely taste healthy. But no harm baking them as healthy snacks to go with a cup of milk right! 

Sweet Potato Rusk (adapted from MyKidsLickTheBowl)
200g Sweet Potato
1 Cup Oat Flour
2Tbsp Coconut Oil

1) Take out skin, cut into small chunks n boil til soft. Mash with fork.
2) Take 1 cup of oat and blend into powder form, mix to sweet potato. 
3) Add coconut oil and mix well.
4) Roll out on baking sheet. Using pizza cutter and cut into strips.
5) Bake at 150-180 deg for 30mins or til crispy. Cool n store in airtight container.

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