Monday, October 15, 2012

KPI met - Home Made Mushroom Soup

Alright, hubby requested or sort of hinted in a way, asking me when will he be able to have this type of soup at home. And when he asked, he was sipping away to a bowl of Cream of Mushroom Soup at NYNY.. 
So, as usual, being the dutiful wife (eh hum, clearing my throat), definitely, no disappointment and I immediately went back to my archive on my KIV list. There it goes, Home Made Mushroom Soup from Cuisine Paradise.
I tried Brown Swiss Mushroom as per the recipe for the 1st attempt, feedback was not mushroom-y enough but still considered 'Pass' from the fact that it is made from scratch. Today, I substitute it with Portobello Mushroom as I simply love it. It is definitely yummy and the taste of mushroom is there. I love it. 
And from the children's point of view, this is more yummy as my older gal asked for 2nd helping and kept on commenting that it is NICE! Inside, I am so happy. Hubby also said it is better but would prefer a more creamier version. So I will have to tweak a little..
Cream of Mushroom Soup (adapted from Cuisine Paradise)
200g Portobello Mushroom, cleaned and cut into quarters (original recipe use brown Swiss)
Chopped garlic
20g Butter
2Tbsp Olive Oil
1Cup Chix Stock
1/8Cup Water
Dash of Black Pepper
50ml Thicken Cream

1) Sautéed garlic with olive oil til fragrant
2) Add in butter and mushroom, simmer til mushroom soften
3) Add in Chix stock, and water, simmer for 15min
4) Taste and add in black pepper
5) Cool, grind/purée with food processor
6) Heat up til start to simmer and stir in thicken cream. Serve warm.

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