Thursday, November 22, 2012

Butter Cupcakes (Melted Butter Method)

Saw this recipe from Kitchen 70's and been wanting to try. But I do wonder how come it is called mini lemon butter cupcakes when there is no addition of lemon juice? Anyway, I modified slightly and added vanilla essence and lime juice. Indeed it taste very nice with the citrus and butter fragrance. Really nice.
Instead of resting it for 30mins as per recipe call for, I only rested for 15mins as I can't wait as I was running thru my usual house routine. Texture is still great, soft yet filling and it is so fragrance that I think I won't mind making them again. I made them into mini bite sized again so it is easy for my toddlers at home to eat it with ease and less mess for lazy mummy.
Nxt round, I might try it in a bigger cupcake cases to see if it is still the same texture. Yummy..

Mini Butter Cupcake (adapted from Kitchen 70s)
150g Butter, melted
150g Eggs (I used 3x55g eggs)
150g Sugar (I used 100g and it's just nice for me)
125g Cake Flour
5g Baking Powder
**added 1tsp of vanilla essence and 2tsp lime juice**

1) Put eggs, sugar, vanilla essence & lime juice in mixing bowl. Mix well
2) Add in flour & baking powder. Mix til batter is airy and smooth
*almost ribbon stage*
3) Add in melted butter in 3 additions
4) Leave to rest for 30mins
*I rested mine for 15mins and the top seems a bit 'pimple-ly'*
5) Preheat oven to 225deg and bake for 10mins or til skewer comes out clean

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