Friday, November 16, 2012

Decided to make mini waygu beef burgers for dinner tonight. Bought this really nice waygu beef patties from Mmm.. at Changi Point. $6+ for 2 normal sized patties and I managed to make 4 mini patties from each patties. So a total of 8 mini patties.
I paired it with lettuce and tomato and topped with mayonaise. I use SPT bread recipe and make the mini burgers, topped with cheese strips. It is 35g dough before 2nd proof.
I also bought some white mushrooms, chopped into quarters from each mushroom. Season with a bit of pepper and black pepper and added 1-2tbsp of water while frying them. It's nice.. Pls try it out.
Stir fry mushrooms (western style)
1 box white mushrooms
dash of pepper and salt
1-2Tbsp water
1Tbsp butter
1) Put butter on pan, stir fry til melt
2) Add in mushroom, fry til soften
3) Sprinkle dash of pepper and black pepper. Add 1 Tbsp water first.
4) If not soften yet, add 1 more Tbsp water
5) Serve warm

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