Friday, November 16, 2012

Sumptuous Dinner for Hubby

Didnt know what to cook as was very busy thru the week cos preparing the ice cream and cake and down to assembling the cakes. Ended up with something soupy and simple for this so-unpredictable weather.. Wanted to share the recipes as it is really simple to prepare as hubby kept raving about the dinner.
Was it due to he was away in BKK for 3D2N or is it really a very yummy dinner? Haha, I also dont know. But I do like the combination tonight. Else than the otah tt is bought from outside, the rest was prepared and cooked with lots of love.
Bittergourd Soup w/Fishball & Pork
1/3 Chix Stock Cube
1litre water
Dash of pepper, sesame oil and fish gravy to taste
Fishballs, sliced pork, thinly sliced bittergourd and carrots
Bring water and chix stock to boil
Add in ingredients, then add seasoning to taste
Bring everything to boil
Serve warm
Spicy Beans Bittergourd w/Shark Fish
1 plate of shark fish (from NTUC)
1/2 bittergourd, sliced in strips
sliced ginger
dried preserved black beans
2Tbsp dark soy sauce
3 small chilli padi, chopped
1tbsp sambal chilli
1) Heat oil, add garlic, chilli padi, black beans and sambal chilli. Fry fragrant
2) Add in bittergourd, 1/2 cup water
3) Once boil, add in 2Tbsp dark soy sauce
4) Simmer a bit and add in fish slices
5) Add a dash of fish gravy. Bring to boil
6) Can dish up once bittergourd is soften and fish is cooked

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