Friday, November 16, 2012

Cream Puffs

Trial 1

Trial 1
trial 2

Trial 2

Ok, I failed miserably many times. Not in the taste of the puffs but rather to keep the puffs 'pong pong' thru the duration of baking and also after baking. Finally my 'mentor' tell me hers is definetely a no-fail so long I follow closely. So once again, I take the plunge even after many 'treats' to Mr Bin!!
Tis recipe is very easy and yummy. Pair very well with frosty whip. I am definetely making it again on sat for my boy's birthday party on sun. So many to do and I seriously hope things goes well.. =)
Cream Puffs (adapted from Dequeenkitchen, reference to Mykitch3n)
60g butter,diced
60g flour,sifted
125ml water
1/8 teaspoon salt
2 eggs

1) melt butter and water in pot
2) once boil, remove frm heat and stir in flour and salt
3) bring back to heat again, contd to stir til mixture doesn't stick to side of pots and forms a soft dough
4) cooled a while, add in the eggs and whisked well
5) Piped onto tray and bake at 200deg for 10mins then 180deg for another 20mins
6) cool on rack

I use 50g frosty + 40ml water for filling. (beat to stiff peaks)

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