Monday, July 21, 2014

Anyohaseyo!! We are going korean tonight!

Watching too much korean drama and variety, it really make me drool for korean food. But eating korean in Singapore, some are overly priced so I decided to make my own, in my own way...

I bought ready-marinated meats from Cold storage, sweet pork belly marinate and spicy pork belly. Both meat taste good and tender, but the spicy version, not so spicy le.... Hahaha.. And it's so ex, nxt time should buy marinate and make more often at home! Ha~

I bought some Soybean paste with intention to make the Spicy Seafood stew, but then the person at Cold storage gave me wrong info la. She says that soybean paste is spicy but it is not at all. And to my anguish, my chilli powder expired so I anyhow and added sambal. Fusion hor? Taste good though, and I added an egg on top after it boils. The kids had Chix soup.

The pancake, i found the recipe online. The first piece I didn't add kimchi as it's for the kids and without experience, I didn't managed to flip well and it break into halves! I ended up cutting into smaller pieces since I need cut later too.. Taste not bad le, just that not crispy enough. The version that I followed, I omit chives, zucchini and green pepper. I used only the below ingredients and added some Crabsticks and prawns. 

Kimchi Pancake (adapted and changed slightly from Maangchi)
1/3Cup Flour
2/3Cup Water
1/2tsp salt
1/2Cup SpringOnions
2 Shrimps, chopped
2Tbsp Kimchi, chopped
1 Egg 

1) Mix flour, salt and water in a bowl. 
2) Add all ingredient and mix well. Heat pan with oil.
3) Pour batter and lower to medium fire. Let it cooked til 70% and pour beaten egg onto the pancake.
4) Once egg almost cooked, gently flip the pancake. Add oil if needed, as it is important if u wan the pancake to be crispy.
5) Pan fried both sides til golden brown.

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