Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Japanese Cheesecake

Impromptu bake this morning. With the 1st recipe that I came across after google it. I added a layer of coco powder cos I like how the lines is in between the cake. It's my first time doing it and I think I didn't really do well. Hahah~

I use 2 oval tins, and I spread a layer of strawberry jam and sandwich the 2 cake so together. Never tried Jap cheesecake with strawberry jam filling right? Fridge for tonight's dessert.. Been really long since I baked and hope it turns out well..

Mmm..... It's really nice. The coco powder bitterness, the sweetness from the jam and the soft and moist texture of the Jap cheesecake. Oh, I seriously never regret baking them! I think I need bake 1 more soon!!

Japanese Cheesecake (adapted from RasaMalaysia)
*halve the recipe*
125g Cream cheese
25g Unsalted butter
50g Milk
30g Cake Flour
10g Corn Flour
1/4tsp Salt
1/4tsp Lime Juice
3 Yolks
3 Whites
70g Sugar

1) Put milk, cream cheese and butter and microwave til melt over 20 seconds interval, stirring in between. Leave to cool.
2) Beat whites til foamy, add sugar and whisk to soft peak.
3) Fold in flour, salt, lemon juice, yolks into milk mixture. Fold in 1/3 of meringue into mixture.
4) Fold in 1/3 more into mixture. Pour mixture into mixing bowl and fold in remaining meringue.
5) Water bath for 1hour or til top turns golden brown at 160deg.

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