Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cranberry, Chocolate Chips Bread

Today decided to bake a loaf of Softmeal & Chocolate bread, adding cranberry and chocolate chips to my chocolate loaf. Will share them with my neighbour so that kids can get to eat their fav chocolate bread.. Hee..

Am using this straight recipe from Grace again as it's looks so soft and good. Hoping that I wil achieve the same texture.. Mmm... Love the smell of bread and I get to smell twice today!!

Hub love the choc loaf, guessed my anyhow conversions from cup to grams work. Lol~ And it's the first he kept saying the chocolate bread is nice... (Pardon the pic as I was too tired to take it last nite and I left only 1 slice when I suddenly recalled I haven took a pic)

Cranberry, Chocolate Chips Bread (adapted from Taglicious)
180ml Milk
235g Bread flour
1.5Tbsp Cake Flour
1.5 Tbspunsweetened Cocoa powder
1.5 Tbsp sugar
1/3tsp salt
1Tbsp butter
1tsp active dry yeast 

Usual steps of using the breadmaker. Liquid, followed by flour then salt, sugar, butter at sides with yeast in center.


Anonymous said...

Which mode of the Donlim bm you used for this recipe? I had the same Donlim bm as you. Thanks for all the wonderful recipe you shared :)

Priscilla Toh said...


I use Function 1. Thanks for your compliments, just sharing my experiences!