Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Softmeal Bread Loaf + 3 Hotdog Rolls

Did the same recipe again, this time doing Softmeal. Faster ask my neighbour helped to buy Wholemeal flour yday nite so I cld prepare the starter dough to bake them today... Woo.. Love it.

It is soft, and very yummy. My gal gobbled 1 hotdog roll for tea break to afternoon and say Yum!!

Soft White Bread (amended slightly from Taglicious)
*I 2x recipe for this batch*
Starter Dough - Mix 60g bread flour + 60g wholemeal flour + 120g water, cover tight n leave in fridge for 12hrs
200ml Milk
20g Honey
360g Bread Flour
30g Brown Sugar
3g Salt
5g Yeast
28g Butter
12g Milk Powder, omit

1) I poured ingredients as per above sequence, function 6 n leave the BM to work.
After 3hrs, my loaf is done. Cooled, sliced n store airtight.

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