Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Soft White Bread Loaf

Though I wasn't really satisfied with my loaf last night, the kids n hub even my mum claimed its nice. It taste good, but slightly harder the next morning. All of it was GONE! Ha~ Perhaps I haven gone back to the momentum of bread making..

Today I am using this Softmeal Bacon Bread recipe from Taglicious. I substitute the Wholemeal flour for the starter dough with all bread flour as I ran out of Wholemeal flour. I couldn't wait and I wanted to bake them today! So I called it Soft White bread. Hee...

Simple mixing of flour and water for starter dough, leave in fridge for 12hours and you can use it aldy. Followed the recipe closely and hoping that my bread turns out soft and fluffy too.. And indeed it does. I also made my own garlic spread today...

Super love the bread and I aldy prepared my starter for Softmeal version tml! Enjoying dinner now with yummy garlic bread...

Garlic Spread (reference to Simplyscratch)
1 Clove Garlic
2Tbsp Canola Butter
1tsp Oregano
1tsp Parsely

1) Wash and cut garlic in halves. Sprinkle Olive oil on garlic and baked in foil for 40mins.
2) Add all above ingredients and spread over bread. Bake til slightly browned and serve warmed.

Soft White Bread (amended slightly from Taglicious)
Starter Dough - Mix 60g bread flour + 60g water, cover tight n leave in fridge for 12hrs
100ml Milk
10g Honey
180g Bread Flour
20g Brown Sugar, I used 10g normal sugar
2g Salt
3g Yeast
14g Butter
6g Milk Powder, omit

1) I poured ingredients as per above sequence, function 6 n leave the BM to work.
After 3hrs, my loaf is done. Cooled, sliced n store airtight.

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