Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wholemeal Corn Bread Loaf

I bookmarked this recipe few days ago as my kids love corn, esp my little boy. He adore corn so much that he likes cup corn, corn sushi, corn straight from soup or anything soupy added with corn kernels. So I thought, this is another interesting breakfast for them. 

I prep the starter ahead, measure out flour as I prep another batch of bread recipe too. Now I have 2 different starter for bread making, so I won't have a last min situation like my gal requesting for sandwiches to bring to school for her extra class to share with 5 of her classmates. I had to turn to fast straight bread recipe - reliable Wu Pao Chun bread which I modify to Wholemeal.

Alamak, I realized that the recipe yields more than 700g, nxt round got to use 2/3 of recipe for 700g bread. Overflow slightly and a bit of mess to clean up. Baked the ugly overflow into Cheesy Corn strips. Bread is so soft, and the bits of corn adds texture to the bread. Yummy!

Softmeal Corn Bread (modify slightly from Bake for Happy Kids)
Starter: Mix 55g Boiling Water + 80g Bread Flour in dough, cool and fridge for at least 12hrs

150g Milk
2 Yolks
270g Bread Flour
50g Wholemeal Flour
50g Brown Sugar
4g Salt
5g Yeast
60g Butter
150g Frozen Corn

1) Add all ingredients as per above sequence, starter dough and butter last. (I also added the corn together) 

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Chaya said...

I love corn bread. This is a new recipe to me and it looks like one that would be a winner in our home.