Monday, September 11, 2017

Chocolate Muffins

Saw this easy and simple recipe from cookat and simply had to make them. Great for lunchbox treat for the 2 older kiddos. Took me barely 30mins to put them together. 

I dont know how to copy the exact link from facebook for this recipe so pls follow the link above to go to their facebook page and follow them for more interesting recipes.

I put 1 tiny teaspoon of nutella, worried about too much chocolate and heaty stuff. Tried and its yummy! When it is in the oven, kids couldnt stop asking about it. Try it!

Chocolate Muffin (Makes 11 mini muffins)
150g Butter
110g Sugar
110g Egg (approx 2 big eggs)
270g Cake Flour
40g Coco Powder
12g Baking Powder
120g Milk
1tsp vanilla paste

Some chocolate chips

1) I mix butter and sugar til combine
2) Add egg 1 by 1
3) Sift flour, coco powder & baking powder over mixture and mix well
4) Add milk and mix. Do not overMix
5) Scoop batter half-filled and put 1 teaspoon of nutella. Cover with batter and sprinkle chocolate chips
6) Bake at 180deg for 20-25mins

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