Friday, September 22, 2017

Steam Egg Saga

Have been hearing my gal rave about steam egg or chawanmushi in school. She has been 加料-ing in school whenever she buy rice for recess. And the other day, my mama group sent a perfectly smooth steam egg, gosh, I need to master it. And the topic was how to perfectly steam 1..???

I google recipes and mostly recommended the ratio of 1egg:1.5water and that to sieve egg mixture to remove air bubbles, and also to cover with foil/plastic film/lids/plates. So the idea was not to let the droplets fall back while steaming. And also the heat need to be low in order to be successful.

This recipe doesnt use any salt or msg so its suitable for babies who are not allergic to eggs to consume. I used mushroom powder or ikan billis powder to season food that I give to my baby at home. Now that baby is coming to 16months, I bought this 2 types of powder which is MSG-free. Easily available at NTUC.

So i tried day 1, with the same ratio kod 1:1.5 and steam for 20-25mins but my helper go and open the lid of the pot halfway thru steaming. So i failed. Many big  air bubbles on the egg.

Day 2 lunch, i tried again. Steam for 20mins, added chopped tomatoes and baby spinach. Steamed for 20mins. Texture is better but I am thinking cld be over-steaming and thus the 'pimples'.

Day 2 Dinner, tried again. 1 with cling wrap and 1 without. Both texture is acceptable. And did i mention, I did not sieve the egg mixture at all. So i think the secret is not to over-steam them and to steam over low heat.  

Left is without covering and right is with cling wrap. Can you see the difference? And this is our yummy dinner tonite! The 3 kiddos all love it!

Steam Egg Recipe (Makes 5)
150g Eggs (approx 4, depending on the size of your egg)
225g Water
Dash of pepper
1tsp Sesame Oil
2tsp Mushroom Powder/Ikan Billis powder for taste

1) Beat egg and water well. Add in all above seasoning and mix gently
2) Pour into glass bowls 
3) Steam for 15mins, counting from water boil

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