Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine Day to all!!

Happen to chance upon this entry from Ancoojournal and it looks yummy and interesting to me. So since its CNY and we have Bak Kwa at home so why not try. And as V-day is approaching, I decided to make it in lil hearts to 'celebrate' V-Day!!
Personal opinion, I feel that it is not buttery enough, but it's not very sweet and it goes well with the chew Bak kwa. Eh, should I add a little more sugar the next round and try with another brand of butter? Erm... I am not too sure cos I am nt a fan of Bak kwa definetely and I am just baking them for the fun and also to have some lil hearts for V-Day. 
On the other hand, hubby likes it, as well as grandma. They says it was addictive and can't stop. They liked it as it wasn't too sweet and it goes well with the saltish & sweet Bak kwa. So, different people have different views about it. So, try it. For me, I don't have enough of my pineapple tarts yet and forcing hubby to deviate from his usual route to get me 1 more box tml! Yeah!!

Bak Kwa Cookies (adapt from Anncoojournal)
125g Butter, soften
35g Icing sugar
40g small Egg
1/2 Vanilla extract
200g Plain flour
65g Bak Kwa, mini diced

1) Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy
2) Add the egg and beat till well incorporate. Add Vanilla and mix
3) Add the flour and bak kwa, and mix thoroughly.
4) Put the dough in a plastic bag, roll it out evenly. Refrigerate it for at least 30 minutes until firm
5) shape it accordingly
6) Bake at 180C for 16-18 minutes, or until it turned slightly brown.

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