Friday, February 22, 2013

Light & Moist Banana Chiffon

Wanna bake something for Lunar Month 14th day's prayer, so decided to search and blog. Seeing the bananas tt are so riped, I decided to make something tt can use up the bananas too. After browsing thru some blogs, I decided to bake this - Light & Moist Banana Cake by Hearty Bakes.
I halve the recipe and baked into 2x4" cake as it's my first time using this recipe, I didn't dare to bake a whole recipe. Keeping my fingers crossed, it will turn out well.. 
On the other hand, I used back a recipe tt I posted previously - Oreo Hokkaido Chiffon and replaced crushed Oreo with vanilla extract for Sunday's gathering. If you are keen, this is the recipe.

Light & Moist Banana Chiffon (adapted from Hearty Bakes)
6 Yolks
40g Sugar
60ml Corn Oil
200g Banana Puree (mashed)
120g Cake Flour

7 Whites (I use 6 whites)
40g Sugar

1. Preheat oven to 175°C
2. Prepare paper cups
3. In a bowl, manually whisk yolks with sugar till pale in colour
4. Add Oil and whisk till combined
5. Add in banana puree
6. Sieve in cake flour and mixed till well-combined
7. In another mixing bowl, whisk whites will frothy
8. Add sugar slowly to whites and whisk till medium peak
9. Take 1/3 whites lightly fold into the yolks mixture
10. Pour the yolks mixture to the balance of whites and fold gently. DO NOT deflate the whites.
11. Pour batter into paper cups
12. Top with a walnut on top of batter
13. Baking tie about 20-25mins subject to size of paper cups.

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Hearty Bakes said...

Glad to hear you like the cake as much as I do; )