Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Magic Bread' by Alex Goh (modified slightly)

Chanced upon this entry from someone's blog and was really enticed by the looks of the bakes. Somehow it reminded myself that I haven been baking bread lately, not that frequent and always buying those store-bought.. Hubby kinda missed my bread, that was what he said the other day and my gal, always asking to buy the Colourful sprinkles donut after her class every afternoon for snack. Seeing how much she likes it, I decided to take this recipe, modify slightly to make it Wholemeal and also into a few variations. Hotdogs rolls, mini cheese sugar buns, plain loaf, donut-shaped bread with sprinkles.

Only thing I don't like is the preparation of 'Tang Zhong' day before so it means I must bake the nxt day or at least within the next 3 days. But the results of the bakes, it's soft and yummy!! My gal was so happy with her donut-shaped bread! So I am a HAPPY mummy too!! Hubby also feedback that this variation is nicer than the usual direct method of making Wholemeal so that makes me a HAPPY wife too!! (Dun mind the ugly outcome of the bread cos it's my first time using the mini loaf pan and the lid got a bit stuck, think cos of the milk wash, will do better nxt attempt)

Magic Bread by Alex Goh (adapted from Chunky cook)
(Prepare 12hours before)
100g Bread Flour
70g Boiling water

1) Boil water and pour onto flour
2) Stir until become into dough
3) Cool n store in fridge

**my modifications**
320g Bread Flour
60g Wholemeal Flour
20g Plain Flour
6g Yeast
6g Salt
80g Sugar

185g Water
50g Egg

60g Butter

1) Mix all the above dry ingredients
2) Add in the water & egg into dough-like
3) Add in the dough prepared night before
4) Add in butter and knead into elastic dough
5) Leave to proof for 40-60mins
6) Cut n shape accordingly
7) Leave 30-40mins for 2nd proof
8) Bake for 30mins or til golden brown, brush with milk b4 baking them

I use 20g for my cheese sugar buns 
I use 300g dough for the loaf
I use 30g for the hotdog rolls

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