Friday, April 5, 2013

Cake requested by a nice fren

I think I knew this fren when I was still schooling, maybe polytechnic time? Or waiting for 'O's results? I bet it was more than a decade and I seriously can't remember the details. Signs of aging. I remembered at that age, I feel that she looked like an Ah Lian and she tot that about me too. And we didn't really talk, until that fateful day. Ha~ Since then, we sometimes plan to wear same colour theme, or occasional catch - up after that, we sort of arrange same same clothing, went to take photo cards etc. That was the day... So long ago, when I was once young. 

Anyway, now we are both married and having our own lives. We seldom meet up but occasional what's app, FB or even buying me goodies when I was preg and craving to have what she eat and post on FB. I am so blessed to have a fren like her, seldom meet but lives in the heart.

So, her hubby bday is coming up and she want to have a fondant cake, with strawberry shortcake base. Considering the weather, the fondant and the cake, it is not suitable to do so. So with some advices from a nice fren, I decided to go along with her idea of using a cake board, same size as the cake, and prop it on top of the Strawberry Shortcake so that it doesn't come into contact with moist and have risk of melting. And it is my first attempt to have to use dowels/thick straws to support the cake board of fondant deco as if I am making a tier cake.

Overall, I am very pleased with the deco part, cake wise, need to find out from my fren. And I also use my human mould for the first time and it is not so easy to mould even though I used that. But still a fun and learning experience for me. =)

Vanilla Sponge ( given by a fren, so not sure where she got it)
6 yolks
130g Top Flour *I use Cake Flour
70g Oil
80g Milk
20g sugar

6 whites
130g Sugar

1) Using Chiffon method

Cream - I am using whipped cream
300g Whipping Cream
Sugar to taste

1) Beat whipping cream til stiff peak
2) Add sugar to taste

******Will update once I get more pics frm my GF and also her reviews on the cake*****

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