Monday, April 8, 2013

How to build a 3D House Cake

After attending the class, I managed to do up my 3D House Cake thru many frustrations. Why?? It is no easy feat to cream the cake and assemble, the deco, how to deco and so on.... 

First, you need a 8-9" Butter Cake with a height of about 2", and it is for the house then another 11" Sponge Cake with a height of about 3" for the garden. Both are square cakes. So here you go, the steps with photos to guide. You can refer here for recipe that I used for this cake.

Photos are with courtesy from Angela of CookBakeLove, she will be posting up her 'house' soon.. Stay tune and do pop by her blog too.. And thanks Angela!!

1) First, cut the top of Butter Cake level. 
2) Then cut the cake into even halves.

3) Spread cream and filling on 1 of the halves, and place the other halve on top.

4) Divide the cake, into thirds, cutting out 1 of the thirds. Take it out and place it facing UPWARDS. Cut diagonally.

5) Put the 2 slanted slices that you just cut and place it side by side, to form the ROOF. Place on top of the 2-thirds that is uncut and place the ROOF on top.

6) Spread cream on top of the Sponge for the garden thinly, but not exposing the cake (No need too thick as we will be sprinkling the colored dessicated coconuts on top later. Then place the house on preferred location on the 'garden'.
Cream house lightly then you can start to decorate the house and garden. 

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