Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Long Awaited Try - RG's Banana Sponge

Been wanting to bake this for the longest time but I don't know which banana to buy and my family seldom eat banana. So, my neighbor bought me a bunch of banana, real big bunch so I tot to myself, Why not? Ha~

This recipe is also RG's and it raves a lot of good comments from people who tried it. Today I adapt the recipe from Wen's Delight which I have bookmarked ages ago. I baked a full recipe, yes not scare hor, cos sponge cake is not my forte. But who cares, try first then say lo. Hahahha. I managed to get a 11"x5" Rectangle tin and a 6" Round tin out of the recipe. 

As my oven is small, I have to let my 6" 'wait' and keep my fingers crossed that it won't deflate. As I wait, the aroma of the banana, it fills up my whole house. Mmmmm.. Smell lovely.. (But too bad, I don't know how to appreciate banana cakes) As for banana, tis is the 1 I used, don't ask me what type cos I don't know. So the pic is for a reference. 

My end results, the cake is soft n moist, only fault was the banana should have mashed up properly cos I did a rush job. Oh, and also pardon the uneven browning of my top of cake. (Oven is in the process of upgrading, do give me comments which is good) As for texture, I think still can be improve. And I heard that overnight will taste more fragrant. Gonna ask my food critic at home to do the test tonight and tml.

Banana Sponge Cake (adapted from Wen's Delight)
5 Large Eggs *I use 6 small eggs, Seng Choon 1st Born Eggs
350-400g Mashed Banana, or cut into small cubes
250g Sugar *I use 200g
300g Cake Flour *I use Plain Flour
200g Veg Oil, or melted butter *I use Veg Oil
1tsp Baking Powder
1/2tsp Baking Soda

1) Beat eggs, sugar and banana til ribbon stage.
2) Fold in flour slowly and gently, bit by bit, not to deflate the batter.
3) Add in oil, fold carefully til batter is shiny and smooth
4) Bake at 160deg for 40-45mins or until skewer comes out clean.

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