Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home Made Vanilla Extract

Been puttin this on my to-do list. Wanted to buy a new btl Vanilla Extract and my baking friends reminded me about my vanilla pods, still lying in my fridge. Most of them did their own so I tot, I should also since I got a btl of vodka at home. 

I got a 750ml Russian Vodka that is left, sitting in the store so I make use of that and search for a recipe online. I chanced upon this blog that uses 700ml of  Vodka and I tot, just nice for my leftover vodka. And I can use up more of my pods as it uses 9 pods. 

Very simple recipe and method to make your own. I slit open all the pods, scrap the seeds into the vodka, cut the pods into 3 parts so it will remain soaked in the vodka even as I used it. Can't wait for 2 months. Gonna share some with my baking friends once it is ready. 

Home Made Vanilla Extract (adapted from Triumpofthelentil)
9 Vanilla Pods
700ml Vodka

1) Slit all the pods, scrap the seeds into vodka.
2) Cut all the pods into 3s, and put into vodka
3) Leave in a cool, dark place, shaking them occasionally. Ready in 2 months.

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