Thursday, April 11, 2013

New York CheeseCake II

Just a day ago, I asked my mum to bring my cake to her collits for tea break as I have been having cakes for the past 5 weeks and I think we are very scared now. LOL~ And the next day, I received a phone call from my mum, her collit is asking if I know how to make Cheesecake. Ha~ 

I have used a recipe from EllenaGuan previously and it is the normal method of adding in eggs to the 'cream' batter and it taste really good. Both the New York and Oreo version. So this round, I decided to use the recipe from Vivian Pang which uses whites beaten to peaks then fold into batter. I wonder what the difference it is. And the best part, it's gluten-free. Yumm...

As the previous bake is quite a while ago, I can't remember in details but it is like eating Ice cream Cheesecake, not very 'cheesy' or too overwhelming that you will feel that you are suffering from cheesecake overdose. As for this recipe from Vivian Pang, I would say the texture is very smooth, rich in flavour and yet not too overwhelming. It taste like those you can get from Starbucks or TCC. Nice too! It's definitely a keeper! Pls make 1 at him..... =)

On top of my order, I made 2 4" again. (Yes, I am. Infatuated with my small tins.) 1 is plain NY Cheesecake and 1 Marble Chessecake w/Oreo cookies in it. You can refer to my noted on how I use 1 recipe for the 3 cakes. But pls be hardworking if you have a small oven like mine. Cos I divide them into 2 different bakes, which means I spend more than 3hours from prep to baking them. But I bet on it, the end results, you won't regret.. 

New York Cheesecake (adapted from Vivian Pang Kitchen)
*I use the recipe for a 6" & 2x 4" cake tin*
Base - 8" cake tin, grease tin all over and line
(I didn't follow the amount in the recipe as I wan a thicker biscuit crust cos I like the crust a lot!)
Marie biscuits, crushed
Butter - melted
Mix all the above ingredients and press onto the cake tin base.

400g Cream Cheese
20g Butter
20g Sugar
*i added a few drops of lemon juice*
3 yolks
1Tbsp Vanilla Extract
30ml milk
30g Cornflour
3 Whites
60g sugar
1/2tsp lemon juice

1) Cream cream cheese, butter and sugar til smooth.
2) Add in yolks, vanilla, milk then cornflour in the same sequence
3) In a clean bowl, beat egg whites til foamy, add in lemon juice & 1/2 sugar, contd beat til glossy. Then add in remaining sugar and beat til soft peak
***I just add all sugar and lemon juice and beat together til soft peaks*
4) Fold in 1/3 whites to batter, then pour batter into remaining whites. Fold gently
5) Steam bake at 150deg for 25mins, then lower 120deg for another 30min.
6) Leave to cool in oven, then chill overnight. Remove and serve.

**i divide the recipe into 2 and bake twice as my oven is too small. Here is my variations**
I used 1/2 recipe for the 6" for a NY Cheesecake version.
And use 2 yolks and 2 whites instead of 1.5 each.

I took another 1/2 recipe to make a NY Cheesecake and Marble Cheesecake for the 4" each.
Same using the 2 yolks and whites instead of 1.5 each
I took a few spoonful of batter and mix with coco powder, lay some Oreo cookies on the crust, then make into Oreo Marble Cheesecake. Yummy!!


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