Sunday, April 21, 2013

Class 7 - Longevity Peach

This week is the 2nd last class, so sad and emo. Anyway this class is also 1 of the more difficult class as we will be touching on fondant, on how to wrap the cake with it and also on how to make it looks like those Longevity Peach cake that you see in bakeries.

Usually, for Chinese, we use a Longevity Peach as a cake when we celebrate 60th, 70th & onwards for the elderly's birthday. It is to wish them good health and long life. It symbolize good things. And I am so excited as I have always wanted to try this but have no courage to. And moreover, this coming June, my grandma will be celebrating her 70th birthday and I will have a chance to showcase it. Yeah!! (I have aldy told her I am making it for her birthday after I learn it in today's class.

It is quite difficult, not so easy as you need to knead the fondant (we are using ready-made fondant), and also do the 'colourings', adding on the leaves or stalk as you prefer. RG definitely have good patience to guide us thru this tedious learning process. And I have a great time learning and really 'absorb' the essence of it. 

As for the cake, I am using this recipe from 君子 cos after seeing Angela's cake, I am so intrigued to try this after failing my sponge earlier using RG's recipe. (I think I under-fold and I went to search for video on how to fold in the flour and oil and try again so I don't think it's the recipe prb). Anyway, taste is good but cake kinda dry n hard cos I over-fold the cake. (First attempt with the recipe, I under-baked & my 2nd attempt, I over-fold). But will definetely try both recipe again. 

Chocolate Sponge Cake (adapted from 君子)
6 eggs
150g sugar *i use 120g
200g Cake Flour *i used 180g cake flour + 20g cocoa powder
50g melted butter *i use 50g canola oil

1) Melt butter in microwave or double-boil. Leave aside.  
2) Beat eggs and sugar til ribbon stage. It will leaves a trail when u drizzle the batter on top.
3) Fold in sifted flour and butter gently. Be careful not to deflate the batter.
4) Bake at 180deg for 25-30mins

How to do the cut out (Pic from left-right then 2nd row, third row)
1) Use a tracing paper same size as your cake, draw out shape of Longevity Peach
2) Put it on top of cake and cut out the shape. Smooth out the edges, trim and make the sides 'rounded'. And using the loose pieces from cutting out the shapes, to put on top of the cake to form the 'humps' and also cut a 'cleavage' in the center.
3) Crumb coat thinly with whipped cream (or u can use buttercream) for the ready cut cake. Roll fondant thinly and then put on top of cake. Smooth it out and tuck in under the cake. (You can trim the cake bottom slightly to better tuck the fondant in
4) Using the toothbrush, brush on the spatula and then 'spray' it nearer the bottom of cake to form the 'dots'. Alternatively you can use a spray bottle. Red colourings shld be slightly thick so t it will not smudge.
5) Knead green colourings into a small piece of white fondant. Then roll it out and cut out shape of leave. Use spatula or back of leaves, draw out the lines for the leaves.
6) Using tip of fingers, lift up the leaves, dab some on back of leave then stick to the top of fondant. And knead some brown fondant and form the stalk.


Jeannie Tay said...

Hi Priscilla, your cake looks so lovely, I am sure your grandma would love this!

angeline ong said...

Nice one, can have a try making this for our grandparents...

Anonymous said...

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Priscilla said...


Still got a lot to improve... Tks =)


Yes, I think I will bake again this June but maybe not a whole peach.