Tuesday, April 22, 2014

40min Sugar Raisin Buns & Mini Raisin Loaf

Have heard so much about this 40min Bread, think first posted by Domestic Goddess, and fellow bakers have been trying and raving about it. Have been wanting to try but very worried about texture of end product.

The idea of 15g Yeast seems a bit deterring cos I heard that too much yeast isn't that good for human body. But since only once as I wanna try it out and share the results with my readers, I decided to give it a go. I prepare and make them as I go about my dinner prep & cooking. By the time I am done with cooking, the bread is ready to shape and rest before going into oven. Fast rite?

Finally take the step to make it. Recipe makes 900g++ dough so I took 300g into a mini loaf and balance 600g into 10x60g mini Sugar Raisin Buns. Smell great. Taste wise, I feel a bit bland as compared to normal bread using butter. Perhaps I should use melted butter to try next round. Texture can't complain as I only took 60mins in total to bake the buns and loaf separately. Seriously if you ask me, I prefer the texture of the mini loaf as compared to buns. Perhaps the loaf was left to rest after shaping for 20mins while the buns is baking away? Or could it be the different ways of shaping? If you tried or someone knows the reason, share with me..

My humble dinner while preparing the bread. Try it...

40min Sugar Raisins Buns and Mini Raisin Loaf (adapted from Taglicious)
200ml Room Temp Water
60g Olive Oil
52g Sugar
15g Instant Yeast (I used 11g)
480g Bread Flour
1 Egg
1tsp Salt
40g Raisins

1) Prep the water, Olive oil, sugar and yeast in mixing bowl. Whisk it well, leave it to rest 15mins. (Refer to Pic 1-3)
2) Add in flour, egg and salt. Using bread dough hook, mix it for 5mins. (refer  to Pic 4-5)
**my dough wasn't sticky and easy to shape*
3) Rest 5mins while u preheat oven. Bake for 15mins at 200deg or until top browned nicely. 


Anonymous said...

Hi, what kind of electrical appliance did you use to knead this dough? I'm looking for one myself, but not keen on buying a breadmaker. I'm looking at multipurpose mixers like Kenwood.

Priscilla Toh said...

Hi dear,

I used my KitchenAid... =)