Sunday, April 27, 2014

Best Breadmaker Bread Mix

Hard to find the best breadmaker bread recipe, not to mention bread mix. I gotten this mix from J-Mart, and of cos it comes from Japan. And as most ppl knows, Japan always have yummy snacks n food. And this mix is really nice. Soft and fluffy.

It is real simple, only need 180ml of water + 3g Yeast. I especially bought Hokkaido Milk to make the bread since J-Mart have it. Best combination. Overall taste is ok, slight saltish. Great on its own.

My boy pinch it before I could take a pic. And then kept asking for it. I was amazed of th softness of the bread, as it is comparable to those 5K bread or Wu Pao Chun bread tt I baked recently. My boy had a slice and kept asking for more. Try it if u happen to pass by a J-Mart outlet. 

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