Thursday, April 10, 2014

Baked Rainbow 鸡蛋糕 (Ji Dan Gao)

This has been on going in FB for quite some time and also been in my KIV list for a while. Have been busy with my new 'job' recently. I have created a group in my FB, The Spree Shop, selling all sort of stuff on pre-order basis. Do give me your support.

This week my #1 caught some virus and fever since tues n on MC for 3 days. Yesterday midnite, my #2 also lost the battle and caught the flu bug from my #1! So since both kids at home today, I am taking out 30mins to prep and put it into the oven. Hee...

I was inspired by Anncoo 'mushroom-like cake' and decided to bake mine in my Heart-shaped tin with Vanilla, Chocolate & 'purpled layer'.. Total of 3 layers. But seems like 3 eggs is a bit too little for my heart tin but never mind, most impt is the taste.. Hahha~ If I succeed, shall see if I got time to bake 1 for this weekend gathering...

Loved the fluffy texture, the combination of choc & vanilla flavour tasted very good. My gal love it, and had it for tea break... Yummy.... Thankfully nvr really affect the texture with all the substitution...

Baked Ji Dan Gao (adapted from Anncoo)
3 Whites
65g Icing Sugar *i used fine sugar cos I ran out of icing sugar
3 Yolks
1 Egg
50g Corn Oil
65g Self Raising Flour *i used cake flour
1tsp Vanilla
1tsp coco powder + 1Tbsp hot water
Lil bit of purple powder + water

1) Beat egg white til foamy, add sugar in 3 additions. Beat til stiff peak.
2) Whisk yolks & egg, add in corn oil and mix til combined. Add in vanilla and flour.
3) Add 1/3 of meringue to egg mixture, fold well. Pour back into meringue and fold gently.
4) Divide into 3 portion and coloured the other 2 with purple powder paste & coco paste.
5) Layer as preference, bake at 170deg for 35mins.

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