Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pound Cake

Lately feels like so many people asking for Pound Cake, why ah? Sara Lee is our family favourite but seriously almost $6 for a cake that size, I always feel it is over priced. There are other brands but not as good. So hubby took a box and kept asking me when I gonna learn pound cake?!

I decided to look around and my first attempt is using this recipe from JoyOfBaking. There is a reason why they called it the Pound Cake. Apparently, it is a pound of butter, flour, sugar and eggs. Haha~ Interesting fact I know today.

Since tis is my first and not sure how it will take to my stingy food taster at home, I halve the recipe and watched the video once before baking it. Trying to follow as close as possible. It is quite easy and fast to prep and bake. I modify slightly but adding 1Tbsp Coco Powder to 3Tbsp Batter. Alternating with original and coco flavour and ending with original, I then use a knife and run thru it. 

End result, Hubby says taste nice but not soft enough and slightly dry.. In my view, I find the taste very similar to Sara Lee taste, just that could be my rusty hands over-cream the batter? Or could it be we eat straight from the fridge? Perhaps should thaw slightly before eating it.. Mmmm.. 

Pound Cake (adapted and modify slightly from JoyOfBaking)
75g Cake Flour
60g Sugar
1/4tsp Salt
1tsp Dbl-action Baking Powder
100g Butter, room temp
11/2 Eggs
2Tbsp Milk
1tsp Vanilla Extract

Coco Batter : 1Tbsp coco + 3Tbsp Batter

1) Put eggs, milk, vanilla and mix. Leave aside.
2) Put flour, sugar, salt and baking powder into mixing bowl. Mix on low speed for 30seconds.
3) Add in butter, 1/2 egg mixture and mix on low til combined. Then turn to medium speed and mix approximately 1min til fluffy.
4) Add remaining egg mixture in 2 addition, mixing 30 seconds each time, scraping down sides. 
5) I added 1Tbsp coco powder to 3Tbsp batter to make Marble swirl.
6) Bake at 180deg for 40-50min.

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