Wednesday, April 23, 2014

40mins Assorted Mini Loafs

Yesterday I felt that buns are not as soft as the loaf due to the loafs sort of rested for 20mins while the buns are baking in the oven. So I couldn't wait but decided to try again today since I felt it makes a difference. But silly me, I roll the buns into oval shapes, place in my mini loaf tin and it turns out to be a mini loaf bread.. Haha~

Using the same recipe, and I substitute 60g of Bread Flour with Cake Flour. I feel that the additional 20mins 'rest' after I shaped the bread makes a diff. All the loafs are soft and fluffy, regardless it is roll into a long strip to braid, or make into mini oval and place side by side. I think it is ok to rest for 15-20mins before baking to make them softer.. 

Here is my flavours - Oatmeal, Plain, Ham & Cheese

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