Monday, December 3, 2012

3 Eggs Chix Congee

Was thinking of what is quick, simple and fuss-free to cook on a lazy Sunday for dinner, especially since was out the whole afternoon and still feeling sick. Congee came to my mind. The kids love it, and it's simple to cook. 1 pot and dinner is settled.

Am sharing this all-time favorite and simple recipe for all. Can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner. So versatile. Try it.

3-eggs Chix Congee
1 Chix Thigh meat
2 Salted Eggs
2 Century Eggs
2 Chix Eggs
Dried Scallops
2 Fresh Scallops, diced
Spring Onions
Pepper, sesame oil and fish gravy to taste
500ml-1litres of water (add accordingly)
2 Cups of rice 

1) Wash rice and dried scallops. Fill 500ml or half the pot of with water and bring to boil
2) Once boil, lower to small heat and continue to simmer
3) Meanwhile, cook salted egg
4) Diced century eggs, salted eggs, scallops. Chopped up onions to be sprinkle into congee. Cut Chix into strips
5) Add in sesame oil and all ingredients once rice is half cooked
6) Continue to stir and add water if it is drying up
7) Once the texture and consistency is what you want, add pepper and fish gravy to taste
8) Stir in beaten eggs. Serve warm

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