Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Danish Butter Cookies (II)

A very nice fellow member from MFWL search for another Danish Butter Cookies after the much craze about it in Baking Wonderland and MFWL. And of cos, my hubby is a lover of the Danish Butter Cookies from Kjeldsens, the usual blue tin cookies and it is so costly for that little amount. I definetely have to give it a try again.
Alan, fellow member from MFWal assured that it is a simple, straight-forward recipe and so, I simply love the tots of knowing that from him. And I am so gonna buy the Vanilla paste after baking them today. It is not powdery like my 1st attempt using another recipe. And I simply love that buttery fragrant from Lurpak. So yes, this is my final recipe that I will always use for Danish Butter Cookies. Try them, it's a 1-bowl Butter Cookie recipe!!

Danish Butter Cookies (modified slightly from Travelling Foodies)
1 yolk (as I had a yolk leftover from making SMB)
65g Icing Sugar
200g Plain Flour
100g Lurpak Butter, soften to rm temp
10g Vanilla Essence

1) Mix all ingredients in mixing bowl til well mixed
2) Either using a piping bag, pipe out desired shapes or swirls like Alan did or
Roll in between baking paper and cut out desired shapes like me! 

**Gonna try again when my big flower tips are in.... 

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