Thursday, December 6, 2012

Danish Butter Cookies

Today, I also tried another recipe from Caryn in Baking Wonderland from Facebook. Oh, did I mention? She is so-called a legend in BW (short for baking wonderland) cos she can really bake well and her bakes usually look so good. 
I am using her Danish Butter Cookie as it is said to resemble the blue tin of Famous Danish cookies that we grew up eating. Sadly, I don't know if I did it wrongly or so, I couldn't really find the resemblance to it. I find Lurpak butter not buttery enough, the texture is not right. So what went wrong? Me, or the recipe need modification? 
Anyway I pipe into 2 sizes for the kids and hubby. 1 smaller bite-sizes for the kids and a slightly bigger bite-sizes for hubby... Packed into zip-logs then into their individual Tupperware for them.

But overall, I believe it will still be popular among the kids and those who love cookies. Only fall back is the fragrance of butter is not enough. Try it. And share the review.

Danish Butter Cookies (adapted from Caryn from BW)
220g Lurpak Butter
1 egg
1tsp Vanilla Essence
310g Cake Flour
120g Icing Sugar

1) Cream butter and icing sugar
2) Stir in egg and vanilla extract essence
3) Fold in flour and mix well. Put batter into piping bags
4) Pipe out desired shapes and bake at 160deg for 20-25mins

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