Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hearts them - Madeline

Received an order from a neighbour after she saw my post in madelines in Facebook. So I took on the order despite still feeling kinda under the weather. Anyway, luckily everything turn out well. And I get to experiment with the heart shaped moulds from Daiso. 
The little hearts are so nice. Great for valentines or even if you put it as deco on a cake. I believe my princess-y gal will love to have them for snacks. 
Today, I left the batter for almost an hour plus, indeed the amount if time left in the fridge will determine the 'humps'. Yes, I gotten a higher hump with the normal cracks u see outside. Depends on individual preference. I would rather have them in smaller hearts. So much lovelier. Don't you think so!

Added (Dec 5) : Just realized I posted my 100th post yday with hearts Madeline. I guessed the coincidence makes me realized tt my love for baking and cooking is lying somewhere inside too. It coincide in a mysterious without even myself realizing it. 
With this 100th post, I hope to have another 100th post of my bakes and cooks to share with everyone...

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