Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sparks between plain old Butter Cake and Echire Butter

Thanks to a friend who bought the butter in behalf, and also another kind friend for picking up and sending to me. Thanks for the help if not I doubt I will get a chance to have my hands on the expensive butter. Ha~
Anyway, I am kinda late as everyone has been making it and raving about it. The fragrance, the butter and almost everything positive about it. And also not forgetting that everyone was so worried about spoiling the cake's texture with a piece of expensive butter. This has gotten me so worried that I, yes, I also made a blunder of over-mixing it, I guess. Or perhaps I shouldn't have filled the batter up to almost the brim of the mini tin. Then maybe center will not be undercooked. Perhaps I should overcome it with the remaining piece of butter. Let's see what hubby has to say about the cake first.

So, using the same MrsNgSK's recipe, I halve it. Yes, kiasu and kiasi la. I dun wan to spoil and waste 250g of butter. Not tt I can't afford it, but my weak heart can't take the pain of spoiling the butter on the cake. At least now I got a chance to try again with the remaining 125g butter.

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