Friday, December 21, 2012

Log cake using fresh cream

Yes, I had another 2 more orders for collection on Thursday and was busy with baking Danish cookies from mon-wed. Tired tired but was fulfilling. All I recvd was compliments and I even had a order for a tub of Danish cookies from my sister's collit after she tasted the cookies that my sis gave out as Xmas favour. Heee =) 
Tis time round, I replaced buttercream with fresh cream. I made Blackforest Logcake with fresh cream and also a mini Nutella Logcake with fresh cream.

I used the same chocolate sponge recipe for the Swiss roll, used whipping cream to whip up to cover the cake, as well as for the fresh cream for the Blackforest Logcake. 
I added about 2Tbsp of Nutella to 100g of Whipped cream for covering the Swissroll, use pure Nutella to coat the Swissroll. Using those candy Xmas snowman and Santa to deco the Logcake.

As for Blackforest, I brush a layer of liquor (hard liquor used) for Swiss roll, spread the fresh whipped cream, put the pitted cherries that was cut into halves. Then using the fresh whipped cream to coat the coat and use shaved chocolate to deco, as well as some Xmas deco. *i use 100g whipping cream to whipped into stiff*
It's a simple recipe to replace the usage of Swiss Meringue Buttercream. So give it a try if you are not confident of making smbc. =)

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